As a company grows, you need to hire more talent to keep up with the demands of your expanding organisation. The payroll requirements of your growing workforce could strain your already stretched HR department. The salaries of your workforce could be fixed, performance driven or a blend of both. Additionally, you need to meticulously conform to various mandatory requirements such as labour laws and income tax laws.

With so many additions to each and every person’s salary the chances of errors creeping in increase when payroll is processed manually. Keeping track of employee details, attendance, leaves, expenses, incentives, etc. add on to the complexities of HR managers and payroll executives.

The entire process becomes extremely cumbersome and any errors have serious implications in terms of interest and penalties for delayed statutory compliances and also result in low employee morale.

Eventually every organization outgrows legacy systems like Excel. In fact, it’s never too early to move to an automated payroll system.


Epicor Payroll MEA is a flexible payroll processing software. Epicor Payroll MEA will empower the payroll department with the right tools for a robust and punctual operation for your organization. Epicor Payroll MEA breaks down the complexities of payroll processing in such a way that the end users have to just give basic information and Epicor Payroll MEA computes the rest.

Epicor Payroll MEA segregates data under multiple headers like basic pay, timesheet, bonus, claims, attendance, etc. so that data required to process the payroll is collected from the information provided by the employees & other departments on day today basis.  This information is collated and processed by the payroll department by Epicor Payroll MEA and the payslips are generated in minutes at the click of a button.


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