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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the most critical and biggest IT investments to make for businesses today. It helps them manage their business functions with the help of a centralized and integrated system. Implementing an ERP system allows companies to achieve business process automation and operational efficiency with fewer errors and greater transparency, all contributing to improved productivity. According to the 2018 ERP report by Panorama, 95 per cent of businesses reported improvement in some or all of their business processes after ERP implementation.

With modern businesses changing at unprecedented rates and innovations such as AI, IoT, and Blockchain sweeping across industries, investing in an efficient ERP system capable of driving innovation and agility is important more than ever to sprint ahead of the pack. ERP systems embracing these technologies, ERP on the cloud and personalized ERP solutions are the prominent trends in the ERP ecosystem that ERP buyers are looking for these days.

In these circumstances, with an array of ERP vendor options available to you, choosing the right ERP vendor is a strategic decision to make and a wrong choice can lead to considerable wastage of time and resources. In this blog, to help you in your decision-making process, we bring to you one of the top ERP solutions, Epicor. We will discuss its features and benefits, the reasons why you should consider investing in Epicor as your ERP solution.

Epicor ERP – A Quick Glance

Epicor ERP has been positioned as a visionary in Gartner 2018 magic quadrant for cloud ERP for product-centric mid-size enterprises. It is capable of addressing real-world challenges companies have to face on their journey to growth in today’s digital world.

The Epicor ERP has a robust, scalable architecture and is equipped with industry solutions to help businesses adopt best practices to serve their customers better. It is built to provide solutions for various industries in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Services sectors and caters to mid-sized and large businesses. It supports Manufacturing industry sub-verticals like automotive, fabricated metals, medical devices, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, logistics, oil and gas, design and engineering, and construction.

Why Invest In Epicor ERP? 

Having the right ERP system in place is critical in order to move forward in this fast-paced digital era that requires businesses to be highly responsive. Epicor ERP is tailored to meet the needs of businesses across many industries and has many features that can unleash immense power to drive business growth. Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP is an end to end ERP solution that helps to manage every part of your business. The different modules in Epicor ERP are:

  • Epicor for complete manufacturing process
    Although Epicor caters to the need of various sectors, it is uniquely positioned to fit the manufacturing sector and can manage the requirements of the complete manufacturing process in addition to automating the core functions of the organization. It supports various manufacturing processes including discrete, make-to-order(MTO), Engineer-to-order(ETO), Configure-to-order(CTO), mixed-mode, and make-to-stock environments. Epicor can cater to enterprise requirements across a multitude of manufacturing industries and has solutions to fit the requirements of these industries with many robust functionalities like:
Epicor for complete manufacturing process
  • Flexible Deployment Options – Epicor ERP offers you the flexibility of deployment on-premise, hosted or as a cloud-based SaaS. This flexibility enables the Epicor ERP system to grow and change as your business grows.
  • Intuitive and Productive – Epicor ERP offers an intuitive user experience with the role-based active home page, easy navigation, and configurable dashboards. It enables faster and better decision-making thus increasing your productivity.
  • Collaboration – Epicor ERP is built using a state-of-the-art systems architecture, Service Oriented Architecture(SOA), and is modular making it more collaborative and responsive. The Connected systems help your business build highly collaborative, scalable processes that respond quickly to customers.
  • Integrated with the latest technologies for intelligence and automation – Epicor ERP mobilizes several latest technologies like Business analytics, big data, and IoT that can enable your business to extend at scale and in real-time.
  • Mobility – Epicor mobile solutions help businesses distribute and automate the existing enterprise business systems outside of the company network to most industry-standard devices. It enables companies to easily deploy and manage mobile services to many users and various geographies.


Epicor ERP is uniquely positioned to fit the manufacturing sector and caters to mid-size and large businesses enterprise requirements to automate their business activities, improve productivity and help them reach their optimal performance. It is a highly evolved cloud-ready ERP system that can run your mission-critical processes such as financials, planning, HR, supply chain, logistics, etc, efficiently utilizing the latest technologies and enabling you to reap the benefits of ERP on the cloud, to keep pace with the digital revolution today in the age of Industry 4.0 and make your business ready to face the intense competition.

If you are looking to implement Epicor ERP for your business, we at RheinBrücke offer Epicor ERP implementation Services and help you leverage the most from your ERP investments using our proven Fusion methodology to help you achieve your business needs.

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