Why Do Businesses Need ERP Systems?

Need of an ERP

Resources, the most important term in today’s generation! Don’t you all think so too? Read more about Industry Specific ERP Solutions Why is ERP necessary for a company? We know that data has become the most important resource of the century and organizing and planning are necessary. An ERP stores all your Continue Reading

Ananya Sreekanth

Ensuring Business Continuity with DocStar Document Management System

The global spread of COVID-19 has led to a paradigm shift in the way organizations work. Remote work has become the new reality for many businesses around the world. As organizations and individuals adapt to this culture of virtual workplaces, many businesses have realized the vulnerabilities in their contingency plans, Continue Reading

Dhanya Arumughom on Linkedin
Dhanya Arumughom

ERP Comparison – Epicor vs SAP ?

Businesses today identify ERP systems as one of the critical IT investments to equip their business with capabilities to meet the fast-changing needs of customers. But, the ERP software market today is saturated with solutions from numerous vendors offering a host of features and with different pricing models coming at Continue Reading

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Suresh Chandrasekharan

What is Adaptive ERP? – Top 5 Reasons for Choosing an Adaptive ERP for your Business

Adative era of ERP

In this dynamic business environment, there is a need for the organization’s ERP system to be adaptive to changing business requirements. These needs must be recognized and fulfilled efficiently to attain a competitive advantage. What is Adaptive ERP?  A Forbes article by Scott D Anthony confirms that “indeed, for leaders Continue Reading

Dhanya Arumughom on Linkedin
Dhanya Arumughom

Is It Time To Upgrade My ERP?

Is-it time to upgrade my ERP

When was the last time you upgraded your ERP (Enterprise Resource System)? We guess most of your answer would be “not in recent memory”. For most of us, the thought of upgrading ERPs is quite daunting, unlike the way we upgrade to the latest versions of apps or even as Continue Reading

Dhanya Arumughom on Linkedin
Dhanya Arumughom

Cloud ERP vs On-Premise ERP – A Detailed Comparison

Cloud ERP vs On premise ERP difference

  When one thinks about what the cornerstone for a modern business today could be, the answer that usually comes to mind is a robust Enterprise Resource Planning System. While we have written extensively about the advantages of implementing a cloud-based ERP system, we believe that there is some merit Continue Reading

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Kumar Mallampalli

Solving the legacy puzzle – A look at mid-market ERP trends

Legacy can be a boon or a bane. Legacy systems are like a comfort blanket. You know them like the back of your palm. There is a lot of familiarity built in as well as a lot of customization to cater to various specific scenarios. [Read More]

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Kumar Mallampalli

The 5 rules you shouldn’t break when choosing an ERP vendor

We all know how hard it is to choose the right ERP software for your organisation. The months and months of planning and shortlisting the top ERP software’s in the market, going through countless reviews, reading a 100 brochures, it’s definitely a long and arduous road. [Read More]

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Arushi Kumbera