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Epicor ERP for Mid Market

Is your business facing a longer cash conversion cycle problem with too many spreadsheets and software to handle?

Do you waste a lot of time extracting and uploading information from different locations of your business to a common server?

Are you facing any problem in the overall productivity of your organization just because of the above reasons?

If your answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, then you must try


As an MBA student I have some knowledge about ERP. But honestly, I came to know more about Epicor ERP and other ERP systems only after joining RheinBrücke IT Consulting as an intern. I was curious to know more about Epicor and did some primary research about their products and solutions. Whilst exploring Epicor, I came across the fact that Gartner listed Epicor in the Visionaries section of its Magic Quadrant for mid-market ERP solutions. I was curious to know what was so unique about Epicor which made Gartner list them as Visionaries. As I read a few research articles and publications about Epicor, I thought I could share a few thoughts of mine.

Epicor ERP is industry verticalized ERP software that gets updated as the Organizations evolve.  Epicor can help your company to grow, thrive, and compete in the business world by offering continuous support right from the base level to top level.

Some Epicor customers are already realizing the benefits of an ERP solution that is easier to use, twice as fast, four times as scalable, and requires half the hardware while reducing the cost and complexity of doing business leveraging a 100% Microsoft technology stack.

Epicor ERP

The power of choice – Epicor:

Dynamic Model
Companies looking to improve or re-structure their business model will engage with a third-party consulting firm. These firms will start to review that company right from scratch. This approach might be expensive and time-consuming. Epicor has a set of pre-built best models based on the industry, that helps you to implement the Epicor software easily without compromising on the uniqueness of your business.

Ease of use (UI)
The vibrant look of the home page featuring live tiles accompanied with classic menus will be appreciated by all the users. Ease of using the array of tools and solutions is an important step in streamlining the Epicor platform for all the users.

Cope up with disruptive technologies
Commercial Consumerism has brought forth disruptive technologies. Consumers need to have quick access from anywhere and anytime. Increasing digital disruptions have forced Epicor to evolve, creating a visionary blend of rich global functionality built on agile technology to make the solution easier to use, powerfully responsive, and more collaborative. Using social media, Epicor tries to keep its ERP relevant.

Cloud ERP
Epicor also offers Cloud ERP. Users can benefit from knowing their data resides in a PCI-compliant data center that maintains high levels of security. Deploying a single cloud ERP globally removes many operational obstacles, facilitates better global regulatory compliance, expansion efforts can be accommodated without significant IT efforts by simply enabling that new location in your existing cloud-based ERP system.


I now understand why Gartner has listed Epicor as a visionary product. Well, it’s because Epicor’s vision is complete and it can actually make your company’s vision complete too. Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of each industry and are available in the cloud, hosted, or on-premises. Hence, customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities that will help them in attaining their organizational objectives.

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