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ERP systems today have evolved a lot from traditional ERPs. Today’s agile global business environment demands ERP systems that can adapt to unique and dynamic business needs to drive growth as well as control costs. They should support the goals of better collaboration, increased agility, real-time responsiveness, and higher performance while reducing complexities associated with your business processes.

Epicor is a modern ERP system that can be tailored to meet the needs of unique businesses and industries. It is a highly flexible and scalable system. Epicor extends its capabilities through its numerous Epicor ERP add-ons or extensions that interoperate with the core software to add more value to Epicor users with improved operational performance. In this blog, we discuss some very useful Epicor ERP extensions/Ancillary software that you can leverage to improve your processes and deal with business complexities to drive growth.

Epicor Collaborate (Epicor Social Enterprise) 

Epicor Collaborate is a modern collaboration and productivity tool built on a cloud platform. Being easy to use and intuitive with hashtags and mentions, Collaborate simplifies organizational communication like never before and results in improved productivity and responsiveness. It allows users to collaborate in real time around orders, customers, suppliers, configurations, service issues, and more. With Collaborate you can experience new levels of worker efficiency with your employees being actively engaged with instant notifications from ERP processes and events. Read more about Epicor Collaborate here.

Epicor Mobile Access

Epicor Mobile access allows you to have real time access to your ERP data anytime from any device. It delivers completely customizable access to data from any part of the Epicor ERP system with updatable dashboard views. Read more about Epicor Mobile Access here.

Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA)

EVA is an AI-powered virtual assistant for your ERP system, giving users instant access to information just by talking or texting. It’s NLP capabilities and context awareness allows you to interact with it just as you interact with humans and makes accessing your ERP system information easy as never before, boosting your productivity and efficiency. EVA returns accurate formatted information with multiple choices for suggested next actions too. EVA is an affordable Cloud solution powered by Microsoft Azure and the EVA app runs on Android and iOS devices free of charge. Read more about EVA here.

Epicor Data Discovery (EDD)

EDD is a data visualization tool for Epicor ERP that allows you to make informed decisions from live, role-based, key metrics using intuitive visualizations. You can easily set filters and drag and drop to access and tailor rich visualizations and focus on specific data point or drill down into underlying ERP transactional data that you are looking for. Read more about EDD here.

Epicor IoT

Well, IoT is a trending topic today. It is the technology that connects systems, sensors, machines, and people and helps manufacturers identify issues such as potential breakdown before they happen, optimize the supply and reduce costs by monitoring events. Now, Epicor users can easily capitalize on this increasingly essential technology easily using Epicor IoT. With Epicor IoT you can monitor your equipment, assets, environmental factors, inventory locations, etc. Epicor IoT has an advanced rule-based engine that can detect patterns and raise alerts or notifications to Epicor ERP system to trigger business processes like maintenance suggestions etc. Read more about Epicor IoT here.


DocStar is an Enterprise Content management system that integrates with Epicor ERP as well as several other ERPs and allows you to capture, store and manage all your documents securely from any location or any device. Read more about DocStar here.

Choosing Epicor as your ERP system is definitely a giant leap towards greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The above extensions can further enhance your Epicor core ERP functionality. You will be amazed at how much faster and effortlessly your business can run with the right Epicor extensions supporting your core ERP. Contact us if you would like to know more about these Epicor Extensions/Ancillary Software to support your business needs.

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