COVID-19 Should Change How We Think About Supply Chain Risk Costs

Eight years ago, I published a post on HBR, that summarized extensive research I had undertaken to understand how risk creates cost in any supply chain. My work was different from most other supply chain risk research in that I was concerned with how risk creates actual, every-day cost in Continue Reading

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Carlos Alvarenga
Advisory Board Member at RheinBrücke IT Consulting

Bring Strategy into Your Sourcing

As businesses today are navigating through a disruptive and turbulent economic climate, they need to strive to adapt themselves to achieve a robust and sustainable supply chain. It is likely that companies can navigate through most of the unpredictable conditions to a great extent if they can intelligently acquire goods Continue Reading

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Kumar Mallampalli

How can you leverage ERP to drive Lean Manufacturing?

Everyone in the manufacturing world is familiar with Kanban, the scheduling system for lean manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing. This system was Toyota’s disruptive force to improve manufacturing efficiency. Based entirely on demand, organisations using this system significantly reduced waste as inventory is produced only when there is demand for it.  [Read More]

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Arushi Kumbera

How manufacturers are using supply chain technology to streamline processes and cut costs?

Manufacturers are exploring various supply chain technologies to provide strategic support for demand planning, supply planning as well as for order tracking across the supply chain. Learn how supply chain automation helps to streamline supply chain processes and cut costs [Read More]

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Madhumati Rajkumar