Why BAQ execution plan is so important when you’re moving to Epicor Cloud?

  Why BAQ execution plan is so important when you’re moving to Epicor Cloud? (Or) Are you designing your BAQ’s efficiently? Have you heard sometimes your IT Administrator saying that… I saw a spike in the memory and CPU usage of the Epicor servers. I got a complaint from the Continue Reading

Nithish Ramanathan on Linkedin
Nithish Ramanathan

How can you leverage ERP to drive Lean Manufacturing?

Everyone in the manufacturing world is familiar with Kanban, the scheduling system for lean manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing. This system was Toyota’s disruptive force to improve manufacturing efficiency. Based entirely on demand, organisations using this system significantly reduced waste as inventory is produced only when there is demand for it.  [Read More]

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Arushi Kumbera

Unearth new opportunities for your company with IOT / Industrie 4.0

Inmarsat’s ‘The Future of IoT in Enterprise – 2017’ report, after having interviewed respondents from top mining companies, predicts that, despite the low current levels of IoT deployment in the mining industry, 40% of organisations have plans to deploy IoT solutions within the next 18 months. [Read More]

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Janardhan Baskar

How manufacturers are using supply chain technology to streamline processes and cut costs?

Manufacturers are exploring various supply chain technologies to provide strategic support for demand planning, supply planning as well as for order tracking across the supply chain. Learn how supply chain automation helps to streamline supply chain processes and cut costs [Read More]

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Madhumati Rajkumar