Nearly every global manufacturer/distributor is experimenting with supply chain technologies in their efforts to unleash the cost savings and operational efficiencies it promises to deliver.

Manufacturers are exploring various technologies to provide strategic support for demand planning, supply planning as well as for order tracking across the supply chain.

Key business benefits of supply chain technologies

  1. 10 % reduction in workforce cost
  2. 5% to 3.5% reduction in freight charges
  3. 10 to 7 days’ reduction in inventory turnaround time
  4. 25% increase in forecast accuracy through a system enhanced by granular tracking and validation
  5. Reduction in manual process enables supply chain experts to focus on their core businesses
  6. Increase operational productivity by collaborative sharing of customers and suppliers information

Among the big picture insights, you’ll get from this case study titled, “Leading global food and beverage company creates a success recipe using RheinBrücke Supply Chain Automationare:

  1. Challenges in traditional supply chain management
  2. How supply chain technologies can help to monitor and enhance supply chain visibility
  3. How do Demand Planners leverage technology to have better control over forecast vs order book
  4. How can supply planners have better visibility of order tracking all the way to fulfillment
  5. How can S & OP automation improve efficiency and reduce errors in order processing

About RheinBrücke Supply Chain Automation

RheinBrücke’ s Supply chain automation addresses the unique needs of the supply chain by leveraging industry experts and Microsoft technologies to enhance and monitor supply chain visibility to deliver their products with higher accuracy.

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