The global spread of COVID-19 has led to a paradigm shift in the way organizations work. Remote work has become the new reality for many businesses around the world. As organizations and individuals adapt to this culture of virtual workplaces, many businesses have realized the vulnerabilities in their contingency plans, and are relying more than ever on technology to ensure business continuity and work to happen seamlessly with employees dispersed.

Document Management or Record Management is one of the key aspects to ensure business continuity and collaboration as employees work remotely. Are all your contracts, client records, and files converted digitally and set to be easily accessed securely and remotely by your employees?

A Document Management System (DMS) allows you to store all your documents digitally rather than the traditional way and gives you the ability to quickly and easily share them via an online workplace. All your data thus becomes easily accessible from anywhere. Document Management Systems that can be integrated into your ERPs and allow you to create automatic workflows further enhance your efficiency and productivity.

DocStar Enterprise Content Management (ECM), is a document management solution that can seamlessly integrate with multiple ERPs such as Epicor, SAP, Oracle etc. It is a cloud-based tool that allows you to manage all of your content securely.

Here is a list of the major benefits of using DocStar for your content management:

DocStar has feature rich solutions for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Accounts Payable(AP) automation that makes your job easier. It empowers your teams to capture, store and manage your documents from any location or any device.

DocStar Features:

  1. Scanning and batch importing of any content type ​
  2. Distributed or centralized capture (OCR, Barcode Recognition, Blank Page Detection, etc.)​
  3. Intelligent Data Capture (OCR, Forms recognition and classification)​
  4. Securely store documents with retention policies and automated filing instructions​
  5. Rapid Searching  (keywords, folders, full-text and “Google”-like)​
  6. Content Viewer with annotations​
  7. Versioning  (Check-in, Check-out)​
  8. Rules-based, graphical workflow for process automation​
  9. MS Office and Outlook integration for filing documents and emails into DocStar repository ​
  10. Document packages (bundled multiple types of documents)​
  11. Electronic Forms (eForms)​
  12. Integrates well with ERP, accounting, and HR systems

With its powerful features like intelligent data capture and flexible workflows, DocStar can certainly make your document management and AP processing easy and smart – no more stacks of files on your desk, no more missing files, and no more chasing people for approvals.

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