Unleashing Flavour: How ERP-Boosted Cloud Kitchens Cooked Up Success

Welcome to the world of cloud kitchens, where the culinary magic happens behind the scenes, delivering delicious delights straight to your favourite restaurant! But what happens when you mix cutting-edge technology with a dash of innovation? Let’s dive into the sizzling tale of how one enterprise transformed its cloud kitchen Continue Reading

ROI of A Modern ERP Cloud Solution

ROI of A Modern ERP Cloud Solution

In a world that is hurtling towards an increasingly digitized environment, it has become necessary for businesses to constantly keep up with new technology. Legacy systems, especially in a world progressively dominated by the Cloud, are becoming a burden, you need to maintain old hardware, buy licenses every time you Continue Reading

6 Critical Factors for a Successful ERP implementation and Project Success

Critical success factors for ERP implementation

The critical factors for a successful ERP implementation and Project success ERP implementation is one of the most critical steps for any organization to start the digital transformation journey of the business. It enables businesses to bring all their operations together into one central solution. However, ERP implementation is a Continue Reading

6 Moves for a Successful ERP Implementation

6 Moves for a successful ERP Implementation

In chess, shifting your pieces without considering a wider picture will lead you nowhere. It might cause you to lose your crucial time and eventually the game! The same can be said about ERP implementation. Without an effective implementation plan and a long-term strategy, your chances of Successful ERP implementation are Continue Reading

Cloud ERP vs On-Premise ERP – A Detailed Comparison

Cloud ERP vs On premise ERP difference

  When one thinks about what the cornerstone for a modern business today could be, the answer that usually comes to mind is a robust Enterprise Resource Planning System. While we have written extensively about the advantages of implementing a cloud-based ERP system, we believe that there is some merit Continue Reading

Is Your ERP Application Secure on The Cloud?

Cloud-based ERP Systems for Manufacturing Industry

ERP on the Cloud for the Manufacturing Industry

In an earlier post, we explored ERP on the cloud and its many benefits. Every industry has some specific processes that need to be kept in mind while implementing ERP to ensure that the business benefits and ROI associated with the ERP initiative are maximized. The manufacturing industry today is Continue Reading

Five benefits of moving ERP to the Cloud.

In a blog post earlier this year, we explored the nuances and complexities of implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in the workspace. While we attempted to dispel some of the inhibitions one would have against an ERP implementation, there is no denying that some of the concerns are Continue Reading

Solving the legacy puzzle – A look at mid-market ERP trends

Legacy can be a boon or a bane. Legacy systems are like a comfort blanket. You know them like the back of your palm. There is a lot of familiarity built in as well as a lot of customization to cater to various specific scenarios. [Read More]

A peek at some evolving trends in the B2C start-up space

B2C is one of the fastest evolving technology spaces within the start-up arena since consumers today have a very short attention span and are also experimenting a lot more. Can you blame them? With the multitude of options to choose from, consumers are spoilt for choice.  [Read More]