Epicor ERP vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 – A Detailed Comparison

EPICOR vs Microsoft Dynamics 365

Choosing the right ERP software for your business The first step when you decide to implement an ERP would be to do a comparison of ERP systems in the market to identify the best that meets your business needs. In this blog, we are trying to help you with this by Continue Reading

Top 7 ERP Software for 2023

Top 7 ERP software for your business

For businesses today, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology is no longer a secret sauce, but rather a must-have that enables agility and rapid transformation in the fast-paced industry. It essentially integrates all aspects of a business. An ERP is a solution to get rid of the siloed hodgepodge of systems Continue Reading

Driving Performance in Distribution – ERP for Distribution Industry

ERP for Distribution Industry

Throughout history, wholesalers and distributors have played an important part in the product distribution chain. Distribution firms are seeing a plethora of opportunities and challenges as customer expectations as well as technology have advanced at an exponential pace. Having the proper tools to efficiently plan, manufacture, transport and deliver products that customers want at the correct time is essential for success. Continue Reading

Why you need to move to Epicor Cloud?

Moving ERP to Cloud

For businesses to survive in this competitive world, they must constantly develop and enhance their business strategy to satisfy market expectations. The same is true for the technologies being used by them. The role of an ERP system is significant in enhancing the efficiency of a business. The recent pandemic and sudden shift to Continue Reading

How a Smart ERP can Transform your Manufacturing Business?

How smart ERP can transform your Manufacturing business?

Manufacturing is a complex industry with many systems, specifications, and processes to manage. A Manufacturing ERP can help you eliminate the risk of being outdated and work smarter, not harder. Not only does it make communication easier and organize all your information into a single source of truth, but it can Continue Reading

6 Reasons Why your EPC Business Needs an Industry Specific ERP

ERP For EPC Industry

Losing productivity due to idle time of workers?   Are data silos across sites impacting your real-time decision-making?  Exhausted with payments and compliance managed in excel sheets?  Finding challenges in managing commodity pricing for your projects?  Is costing and modifying WBS across project sites taking too much time? If your manual processes start eating up your time and resources, it’s time to take a transformative turn towards technology! Read on Continue Reading

The Need for ERP in Discrete Manufacturing

ERP for Discrete Manufacturers

What is Discrete Manufacturing?  When we think of manufacturing we tend to think of factories, machines, and recipes/formulas that need to be followed to get the right mixture. But there is a difference between discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing. Discrete manufacturing is a term used for manufacturing industry products that are distinct. These manufactured items can Continue Reading

Accounting Software vs ERP System – The Differences Explained

Accounting Software Banner

Is an ERP really necessary for small to medium-sized businesses? Well, the answer is not always. However, for most businesses the answer is yes, ERP is still worth considering, even if you are happy with financial management using basic accounting software like Tally, QuickBooks or Zoho Books. For most small businesses, it often makes good sense to get started with such accounting software. They are good Continue Reading

8 Step Checklist for Selecting the Right ERP Software for your business

Checklist for choosing the right ERP

Have you decided that implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system or switching to a new one  could benefit your business and is that the reason you have landed here? Well, congratulations on your decision, and the happy news is that you have crossed the first milestone in your journey Continue Reading

Moro Hub Joins the RheinBrücke Partner Network to Drive Innovation and Digital Transformation for Customers in the Middle East

We are glad to announce that Moro Hub, a global leader in the digital space, has joined our partner network. The MoU was signed by Mr. Vetri Selvan, Managing Partner and CEO of RheinBrücke and Mr. Mohammad Bin Sulaiman, CEO of Moro Hub. Moro Hub offers an array of technology services such as Digital Services, Data Center Services, Managed Services, Professional Services, Cloud and Cyber Security Continue Reading