Epicor 10 cloud ERP – The perfect fit for SMEs
Have you reached a saturation point where you can’t keep track of spreadsheets anymore and want to take your business to the next level? Do you fancy a solution which is cost effective and adds zeros to your revenue? If yes, move to the Epicor 10 cloud ERP. Instead of a costly one-time payment [More]
Extending EPICOR ERP – Data Model Regeneration
You will have to use the Epicor Administration Console to incorporate customizations into the database and activate Business Process Management (BPM) directives. Users can customize the Epicor application database by adding user-defined columns. [More]
What is Indexing?
We all use indexing every day, but I've seen many people being unclear about how it works and the use of index. So, let us try to understand indexing once again. Let us read a small story. [More]
Get operational metrics for your power plant that will empower your business, customers and maximize your ROI using Power Plant Analytics
Thermal Power Plant operational metrics is a complex domain made further challenging by the fact that huge amounts of real-time data needs to be processed in a timely manner for the solution to be truly effective to the business. [More]