Spend Analysis and How It Can Benefit Your Business
Now that we have introduced Strategic Sourcing and Industry 4.0 in our previous blogs, let’s dive right into the very foundation of Strategic Sourcing and how it helps create value through the purchasing process. Most companies are already involved with some form of Strateg [More]
How can you leverage ERP to drive Lean Manufacturing?
How can you leverage ERP to drive Lean Manufacturing? Everyone in the manufacturing world is familiar with Kanban, the scheduling system for lean manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing. This system was Toyota’s disruptive force to improve manufacturing efficiency. Based entirely on deman [More]
The 5 rules you shouldn't break when choosing an ERP vendor
We all know how hard it is to choose the right ERP software for your organisation. The months and months of planning and shortlisting the top ERP software’s in the market, going through countless reviews, reading a 100 brochures, it’s definitely a long and arduous road. But just when you [More]
The Strategic Importance of Payroll
There has been a major shift from HR’s traditional function of tactical management of employees to the development of strategic insight and value creation. But payroll remains predominantly a tactical function in most companies. It is easy to under evaluate and under appreciate the payroll fun [More]
3 simple reasons to estimate the ROI for your next ERP implementation
No matter how difficult your current operational and technical environment, convincing senior management to invest in ERP is far worse. The bottom line is everyone wants to earn money but nobody wants to spend it. Well, the secret lies in a simple ROI calculation. [More]
Using EPICOR ERP to achieve a cost efficient manufacturing operation
There is a profound technological transformation taking place in the manufacturing industry. Organisations need to sustain production operations and at the same time stay tuned to the technological evolution that is taking place. In a Manufacturing Environment, a modern ERP system should suppor [More]
A Simple Way to Understand Strategy Behind Sourcing
According to the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, 2017 saw technology continue to drive improvements in processes, data, insight and savings. Efficiency gains remained the constant propeller across various procurement trends. [More]
Unearth new opportunities for your company with IOT / Industrie 4.0
Inmarsat’s ‘The Future of IoT in Enterprise – 2017’ report, after having interviewed respondents from top mining companies, predicts that, despite the low current levels of IoT deployment in the mining industry, 40% of organisations have plans to deploy IoT solutions within the next 18 months. [More]